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The Beautiful Brooch

Brooches can evoke a kind of playful elegance and luxurious whimsy like no other piece of jewellery. No longer the preserve of little girls playing in Granny’s jewellery box, brooches can be worn in so many ways they have found themselves back in the wardrobes of style savvy women everywhere.

Think Elizabeth Taylor with her Bulgari brooch pinned in her hair, or 1930’s film stars like Joan Crawford with brooches attached to the straps of their evening gowns. Women through the decades have had their own personal take on how to wear these versatile jewels, and women of our generation are falling hook, line and sinker back in love with them.

There are a combination of factors that have contributed to the recent focus on brooches. High profile actresses wearing beautiful examples at red carpet events, the popularity of vintage fashion, and brooches with celebrity provenance going up for auction in recent years, have all contributed to their increased popularity.

Historically brooches were designed to be worn as part of other pieces, so could be added to necklaces for evening or worn as pendants during the day. But their designs became so intricate and beautiful that they gradually became stand along accessories. Adding a selection to your wardrobe will add style and individuality to your look. A brooch added to a LBD, at the neckline or even the waist, will immediately lift your dress from the mundane to the glamorous. A pretty pin in your hair or added to the tip of a plunging backless gown is perfect for evening, whilst securing a scarf with a brooch will not only keep your careful drapery in place but make you look polished to perfection.

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