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Australian Body Care products have been used in salons for over 15 years. They are an internationally trusted brand, and we trust them too!

We use two systems of waxing, allowing us to tailor treatments to each client in order to offer the best results every time.


Hygeinic practices are at the heart of everthing we do at The Nail Hut and so to use Australian Body Care’s innovative Hy-Wax system was a natural choice for us. A unique wax dispenser digitally controls wax temperature to ensure smooth and comfortable application. Each client has their own wax dispenser and tea tree oil antiseptic wipes are used to prepare the area to be waxed.

The Hy-Wax system is ideally suited to larer areas as they can be covered in one application, hair is then removed in the normal way using fabris strips. This reduces the time needed for treatments and the need to reapply, thus reducing sensitivity.

Hot Wax

This is a new ‘pain free’ waxing system that is revolutionising popular waxing treatments. Warm wax is applied to the skin and allowed to cool. The warmth from the wax encourages pores and hair follicles to open but as it cools the wax naturally detaches from the skin, trapping just the hair within it. These two functions combined make hair removal far more comfortable than by traditional methods making the hot wax technique particularly suitable for intimate waxing.