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Do you need a professional facial?

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The important thing to remember when it comes to our skin is that the most powerful weapon against a lack lustre complexion is how we treat our bodies. We all know that not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, eating well, sleeping enough and drinking lots of water will help us achieve a lovely glow, and it will. However, it’s not the entire solution and so the short answer to whether you need a professional facial, is yes!

An experienced skin therapist will be able to identify specifically what your skin needs and how to counter the inevitable changes your skin goes through on a weekly basis. As well as understanding your skin, a therapist will have a comprehensive product knowledge and can quickly diagnose the exact products you should use, so no more money wasted on random lotions and potions at the chemist.

Once your bespoke package has been assembled, your therapist will advise you how to follow a daily routine to ensure your skin is kept in optimal condition. However a regular facial, every 4 to 6 weeks, will really make the difference. At these appointments the therapist can address specific issues and adjust your routine as necessary. The therapist will also manipulate your face in a way that is very difficult to achieve at home and the results are immediately apparent.

A professional facial should always be tailored to your needs but generally you would expect it to include some basic steps. First you will receive three different types of cleanse, rather than the one you would at home, to ensure your skin is scrupulously clean. You will have an exfoliation treatment, a mask and a facial massage to get the blood pumping. In most cases you will also receive a pressure point massage which will help reduce stress and tension, finished off by the all important lymph drainage massage. This magical massage drains all the nasties from your face; usually the toxic remnants from alcohol, food and lack of sleep. Whilst all of this is happening you will be cocooned in a beautifully calm room, listening to lovely music, snuggled on a heated treatment couch…….heaven.

Allowing yourself a full hour of total relaxation in this way will show in your skin’s happy glow as well as caring for your emotional well being. Making time for yourself and your skin will always pay dividends, so make 2016 the year you really start to make yourself a priority! January is the perfect time to start as we have 10% off all REN skincare products. Book a skin consultation today and let your journey to beautiful skin, now and always, begin.