Is Yellow Impossible To Wear?

No, and more to the point, it’s THE colour for SS17, but for most of us it’s not always an easy colour to wear. Red heads, women with porcelain skin and bright blue eyes can pull it of with ease, but its not so simple for the rest of us! Just keep it away from your face, as a block colour, and you’ve nothing to worry about. Think Audrey Hepburn style lemon cigarette trousers with a black twin set it. Bright,cool yellows also look great paired with other primary colours. Team it with electric blue or tomato reds if you’re feeling bolder.


Rather than going for a full on look, introduce yellow in a more subtle way and keep yourself bang on trend without looking washed out. A pop of colour with a statement necklace, yellow killer heels or cute little cardigan over a summer dress are all easy ways to introduce one of the cheeriest colours into your wardrobe. And of course, there’s always your nails!