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Caring For Your Gel Nails

We know you will love your gel nails and with a little care and attention they should last you around 14 days, sometimes longer. Although gel is significantly more robust than normal nail polish, its not indestructible! Just follow our simple steps to keep your manicure looking perfect between appointments.

DO wear gloves for cleaning, washing up and gardening.

DON’T expose your nails to insect repellent containing DEET as this will cause your gel to discolour.

DO use cuticle oil every day and a lanolin free hand lotion. If you stick with a specific gel system, ideally use the products that are designed to match it. These can be purchased in store. Regularly using these after-care products will significantly enhance the longevity of your manicure by keeping hands, cuticles and nails healthy, moisturised and flexible.

DON’T pick or pull at your gel enhancements! If you experience any lifting, pop in to see us so we can repair it. If you’re unable to come in use a coat of clear polish to hold it in place until your next appointment.

DO come back to us to have your gels taken off. Gel polish won’t ever damage your nails, but incorrect removal will.

DON’T use your nails as tools, they are not screwdrivers or can openers!

DO feel free to temporarily change your nail colour. Using normal polish over the top of your gels is fine, but remember to remove it using acetone free nail polish remover.

Lastly, and most importantly, DO enjoy your lovely, shiny gel nails!