Tanning Booth

What Happens During A Spray Tan Treatment?

A full body spray tan takes around 20 minutes and will leave you looking healthy, luminous and feeling great!

You are given a hair cover, foot protectors and disposable underwear. You can of course wear your own underwear but the tanning solution can stain lace and elastic.

You will left to undress and asked to put on a robe that is provided for your comfort. When you are ready the therapist will apply a light layer of St Tropez moisturiser to dry areas such as elbows, heels and between fingers and toes. Once you are prepared and ready you will be asked to step into the tanning booth. At The Nail Hut we use a professional St Tropez booth which has a state of the art extraction system, meaning you will enjoy a far more pleasurable experience than in normal tanning tents.

Two very fine coats of spray tan are applied as this will ensure a natural and flawless finish viagra aus europa. Once complete, excess tan is gently removed from wrists, hands and toes before you redress. Our tanning system has a natural looking guide colour that will wash away leaving your tan beneath. The guide colour looks great and smells fabulous, so once you’re tanned you can go about your day as normal. Simply wait between 1 and 3 hours before you wash away with just water, then pat dry but don’t rub, and don’t panic if you leave your tan on for longer than three hours. Once the full three hour development time is reached your tan won’t continue to darken.

So, so easy and so effective!