Gradual Tan Greta Sml

How do spray tans actually work?

The main active ingredient in St Tropez tanning products is a substance called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). St Tropez use a vegetarian, completely natural form of DHA which is derived solely from vegetable sources.

Once applied to the skin DHA reacts with the amino acids, proteins and peptides in the outer layer of the skin. It is this magic reaction that gives a natural colour on everyone. Each person has a different level of amino acids and so the colour will develop in a way that is entirely suitable for your unique skin tone.

Tanning lotions work with dead skin cells and so preparation is key. Exfoliation prior to a spay tan will remove the oldest skin cells and provide the perfect base for a flawless tan. It will also ensure that your tan fades gradually and evenly as you naturally lose further dead skin cells.

No more horror stories of orange tans, streak and nasty smelling liquids; just a beautiful natural tan that will save you from permanently damaging your delicate skin in the sun. Once you try a professional spray tan, you won’t look back, and now is the perfect time to give it a whirl. During July and August if you buy one spray tan, we’ll give you another for half price……simply because we know you’ll be hooked!