Have we always loved a tan?

So many of us with paler skins can’t resist the instant uplift of a tan. It seems to hide so many parts of us that we’d rather not show to the world; dark circles under our eyes, broken capillaries on our cheeks, uneven skin tone……The list goes on and that’s just our faces!

But we’ve not always loved a sunkissed look. Before the Industrial Revolution pale skin was a sign of being part of the social elite, as a tanned complexion idicated sefdom and toiling in the fields all day. Skin whiteners have been popular throughout history but this began to change with the advent of industrialisation as working classes were forced into the shade for much of the time, working in factories, mines and living in cramped urban communities. Even rare liesure time was taken inside to avoid the smog and soot of the streets.

It was in the 1920’s though that a tan became a fashion statement. Coco Chanel caught too much sun whilst on a Mediteranian cruise, photographs of her disembarking at Cannes set a new standard. The tan became, and has remained, indelably linked with a  jet set lifestyle ever since. Her friend, Prince Jean Louis de Faucigny-Lucingne, later said, ”I think she may have invented sunbathing. At that time, she invented everything”.

Of course, we all know now how damaging the sun is for our skin. Not only is it the number one skin ager, it is also dangerous for our health to over expose. So increasingly we are looking for ever more convincing ways to fake it. The use of fake tanning products is at an all time high and formulations have improved to help ensure we no longer risk an orange hue in the pusuit of bronzed limbs!

By far the most fool proof way to aquire and maintain a fake tan is to have it professionally applied. Professionl formulations are beautifully fine and their application methods ensure an even colour that can withstand the closest of inspections! You don’t
even need to go to bed in the newest formulations, such as St Tropez Express Tan, so no more orange bed linen!

Tans are here to stay but faking it is definitely the way for forward, and with our help you can be sunkissed throughout the summer and beyond. Just go to our tanning information page to read our tips on how to prepare your skin for your tanning treatment and how to maintain it between appointments.