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The enduring appeal of red nails

A perfect manicure has always been an essential part of a well pulled together look. Women’s passion for perfectly polished nails is at a record high, and we have seen almost as many new nail trends in recent years as we have fashion trends.

Each season we see new colours, textures, patterns and techniques. But every season one colour dominates; red.  Whether it’s powerful pillar box, sensual scarlet, moody burgundy or deep crimson; our love affair with red endures.

Nail polish originated around 5,000 years ago in China, Egypt and India. Very quickly red established itself as the colour reserved for the aristocracy, with neutral and pale colours being the preserve of  the lower classes viagra in kroatien. The famously seductive Cleopatra insisted that only women of royal descent could have red nails and in ancient China it is suggested that women considered to be of low social stature were executed if caught donning red nails!

It was during the 1950s however that our obsession with red nails cemented itself into popular culture. Glossy red nails became the epitome of Hollywood glamour and stars like Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe were seldom seen without matching red nails and lips, and we adored them for it. Cosmetic companies were only too happy to help us replicate this trend and in 1952 Revlon launched what was possibly one of the most successful beauty campaigns in history. The launch of their iconic ‘Fire and Ice’ nail varnish and lipstick meant we could all have a little piece of luxury and glamour every day.  It was popular then and it remains just as popular today.

Red is strong, powerful and sexy. Women through the ages have recognised its appeal to the opposite sex and it is the ultimate statement maker. Where once it required a lot of time and effort to keep perfect, with the advent of gel polish it’s now easy to have sleek, glossy red nails every day…..and we do!

From its humble beginnings 5,000 years ago, women have remained loyal to the eternally seductive, sophisticated red manicure. And I for one know my love affair with red will never end!