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All The Things A Reputable Intimate Waxer Wants You To Know!

You should never be nervous or self conscious about intimate waxing but you do need to know what to look for in a salon, and therapist, to get the best results in a hygienic, safe way.

  1. Get a consultation and advice before your first treatment. Preparing your skin well will help ensure beautifully smooth results. Exfoliate a week or two prior to your treatment; this will help the hairs break through and make it easier for them to be pulled fully from the root. A cheap exfoliator or body brush is all you need.
  2. Don’t shave. Allowing all the hairs to fully grow before waxing is a priority. If they’re not long enough, it can be painful, and you’ll have regrowth before you know it.
  3. Choose a skilled waxer. Most salons offer waxing but that doesn’t mean they all do it well. Intimate waxers should be trained to level 3 standards, check before you book!
  4. Only accept hot wax. Wax that needs fabric strips should never be used on sensitive and intimate areas. Hot wax is a thick wax that is applied and then removed by hand, as it cools it moves away from the skin and gives a far more comfortable experience. If a salon doesn’t offer hot waxing for intimate areas, avoid at all costs!
  5. Ask to see the treatment area before you book, if it isn’t spotless, it isn’t the right environment for you.